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Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays are similar to a story in their structure, because they must have a start, middle and ending. The ending cannot really be a conclusion, but an analysis and conclusion may be added at the end.

Many students in the UK find that narrative essay topics are the best type of topic to help them get their point across to the reader. This is because it allows the writer to create a text that is useful and relatable to the reader. Using a narrative helps the user to bond with the text, and it helps them to relate to the text so that the writer's opinion and thoughts may be better heard.

UK students are more willing to use narrative essay topics when creating literary and academic texts because it helps them to organize their thoughts and get it down on paper. If an essay has a clear start and a clear finish then the writer is less likely to ramble on, or to trail off the timeline into irrelevancy. A narrative essay usually has a definitive timeline thereby giving the writer a clear ending point, which is often the perfect place to put a final summation of the essay. In the UK you may find that a lot of narrative essays become actual stories or become part of an autobiography.

Remember too, a narrative essay is one of the few forms of essays in college/university where you are encouraged to write in first person.

Here are 50 Narrative Essay Topic examples:

  1. My last day at university
  2. If I were a dictator
  3. If I were a millionaire
  4. My first day at university
  5. An evening in a theatre
  6. A Bus-trip during office hours
  7. My career as an accountant
  8. My High School Prom
  9. What an exciting football match
  10. A typical day in the college dorm
  11. My day at London Zoo
  12. The day the local convenience store was robbed
  13. Yesterday I lost my bank card ...
  14. Memories of the playground
  15. The day I met the Prime Minister
  16. Today I signed a petition to ...
  17. My first and only attendance at a political rally
  18. My day at the London 2012 Olympics
  19. I will always remember the day my mother said to me ...
  20. The Queen's Jubilee celebrations 2012
  21. The day Chelsea FC won the European Champions League
  22. A day learning to sail
  23. You suddenly discover your dog can talk. Imagine the conversation.
  24. The best live music event you have attended
  25. Tell us about a time you have been really scared
  26. You have been cast away on a desert island. Describe the first 5five things you will do.
  27. My family customs and traditions
  28. The anatomy of a hurricane
  29. If you could turn back time, describe a time in your life you would return to and why.
  30. A day in the life of a catering student
  31. I ran the London Marathon
  32. I don't like my neighbour because...
  33. Retell the plot of your favourite scary movie
  34. Describe your typical day but in reverse order
  35. A perfect summer's day in the English countryside
  36. The day I got my very first iPhone
  37. The day I argued with my tutor about a grade
  38. Doing the Three Peaks Challenge
  39. If I were Prime Minister...
  40. Explain the plot of your favourite computer game
  41. This morning, I woke and I decided to ...
  42. The first time I used an essay writing service
  43. I dyed my hair blue
  44. I dreamt I was in the middle of an earthquake
  45. My superhero power would be ...
  46. I have learned recently I am adopted
  47. How I imagine I will be when I am old
  48. Visiting Southampton, Liverpool and Warwick to check out the Universities
  49. I have written my first blog
  50. Following in the footsteps of my father